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Are you or your business being slandered on Google and Search Engines? Causing grief? Damaging Sales? 95% of consumers research on-line before buying a product. – Criminal Omri at
Most of the reviews posted online in review sites are in deed legit. However, a scammer named Omri Shabath ( increasingly use his sites such as (Dead Now), & to blackmail and extract money from businesses.
Criminal Omri posts fake & defamatory remarks about authentic companies and once the bad review start ranking at the top in Google searches, he contacts the business to remove the fake review in return of a huge pay-off.
His website whois address record says, Rachmilevich 48, Jerusalem, Israel 97841, Phone: +972.528596215,, but it is a fake address and phone number. He uses mostly to blackmail.
Unfortunately, due to US regulations, you can’t have the fake reviews removed by the site owners and they don’t seem to care about it either. This is an illegal practice affecting many businesses and the regulatory bodies just show their deaf ears towards it. We should urge upon ICANN’s and the Attorney General to shut these sites down!

Some people (mostly competitors) out of jealousy make humiliating and derogatory comments about some people and companies and all are published in online review sites without censor, validation, verification, identification, confirmation of the source of complaints, or not even phone numbers. The complainant must leave their identity details while lodging complaints, otherwise, the review sites should not publish any comments – be positive or negative – in their website. We should sue these fake portal owners for defamation. In the process these bogus postings rank higher in search engine results. Obviously there is no way to get it removed … the scam continues and other bogus site take advantage of that opportunity by offering to magically remove it for a fee. Affected companies that are already vulnerable at this point fall prey to these claims and end up losing a huge sum of money.
Google, why do you allow this? I know it’s not your business to police internet contents but this is criminal slander and you should block these sites.
Imagine a person is creating a fake id. On one hand he says item not received as transaction failed; same person with same alias after few days posts POOR QUALITY!
Here is the interesting 90 seconds must watch video:
You can also read the full story how Omri Shabath tried to blackmail $12000 and failed:
Criminal Omri Shabat did not hesitate to sign an agreement with us for this deal. See the agreement copy signed
He also shared his multiple Paypal addresses to transfer US$12000, such as:, and Criminal Omri

In, one of his emails he stated:  “after all talking its time for business. decide yes or no, because paypal already catch my other fake account so we need to fast.”
In another email he said: “because what I do is very very dangerous (jail!!!!), my costs are $5,000 per article via paypal.”
Elisha Levi ( is his lawyer who says “Furthermore, your assertions that you will approach the FBI are laughable – the United States has no involvement with this issue and no jurisdiction. Again, this is a false threat which is liable for legal action here in this country Israel.”

We refused to comply with Mr. Shabat’s unethical demands. As a result, the Company was threatened, and negative reviews were posted on different websites with an aim to dampen business prospects. So far, we have received 100+ threatening emails. Feel free to to get a copy of email communication with the criminal Omri. – Criminal Elisha Levi

We complained to ICANN, Godaddy service provider and many others and now the primary site become dead. But the scammer came with many other sites and promoted his content in hundred of sites such as, etc.
This is a nice video to know how quickly one can recover: